Why choose us

We follow the entire production process of our products

We’re specialized in the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables. We take care of the entire production process of our products, from seed to harvest. Our headquarters are in Cesena but we have consortium companies in other regions to guarantee the supply of the whole range of Italian fruit and vegetables and local products.

If you prefer the numbers to the words, here are ours:

10 our own refrigerated vehicles (vans, tractors and lorries),
2 green beans processing structures,
1 peppers processing line,
2 processing lines for salads and lettuces,
3 lines of packaging,
2000 square meters of low temperature cold storage for freezing,
4 storage cells.

The reasons for choosing the vegetables and fruit we produce are at least 5:
Safety and freshness, Wellness and taste, Capillarity and punctuality, Variety and availability, Controls and quality.

Security and freshness

Because with the integrated supply chain we produce what we sell.
The quality of our products is guaranteed from the start to the end. We control all the fruit and vegetables from sowing to delivery to guarantee our customers the freshness they expect.
All this is done by means of Traceability techniques of our supply chain to guarantee the requirements defined by the UNI ISO 22005 standard.

Wellness and taste

Why we defend our crops with integrated fight and work instructions consistent with Good Practices Agricultural (GMA) defined by GLOBAL GAP.
Which means we minimize the use of plant protection products. For us it means constant commitment, for our customers an extra guarantee in terms of health and taste.

Donna sorridente che regge una busta di frutta e verdura

Capillarity and punctuality

Because we deliver 7 days a week with the most punctuality.
The internal management of property logistics allows us to be punctual always, 7 days a week and for any quantity of order. A capillary distribution able to reach the fruit and vegetable markets and the GDO platforms within the requested times.

Camion che scarica merce

Variety and availability

Because we guarantee a complete supply 365 days a year.
All our products are available in every season. And every year we add new varieties to those already grown.

Mastella di legno che contiene frutta di stagione

Controls and quality

Because our agronomists constantly control irrigation water and soil of cultivation of our products at all the companies that are part of the consortium. Microbiological analysis and controls on the residues of plant protection products ensure that our products are always in compliance with the standards set by the regulations.

Part of our consortium companies are located in other regions to guarantee a production covering the whole range of fruit and vegetables and offering the best local products of:

  • Veneto
  • Marche
  • Umbria
  • Abruzzo
  • Lazio
  • Campania
  • Puglia
  • Calabria
  • Sicily