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Deep roots

A strong group

It all began back in 1983 on a few hectares of land, which were first worked with care by Daniele Brunelli, ithe group founder, and are now managed by his son Matteo.

From the very beginning, our business has always revolved around growing, processing and marketing high-quality vegetables, which we distribute to our customers in a timely and secure manner.

We have always chosen to put our name on the line, taking responsibility for our work throughout the production process, right through to delivery.

If we simply described ourselves as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, that would only be part of a bigger picture.

Perhaps once we could have been described as a consortium of farms, but today we are so much more.

We have now established ourselves as a strong business, striving every day to serve our customers in large-scale distribution and the processing industry. Our passion and professionalism allow us to offer an ever-increasing range of products to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Matteo Brunelli

Integrated supply chain

The power of sharing

Over the course of our history, the cultivated area has grown to 700 hectares, and the farm has expanded into a group made up of numerous companies throughout Italy, all united by the same values and commitment to quality.

The group is able to draw on the strengths of its constituent parts, sharing principles, ideas, resources and objectives to establish mutual strategies, which have proved extremely fruitful over the years.

The production totals 20,000,000 kg, spread between two processing facilities and 10,000 sqm of covered space, of which 2,000 square metres is represented by low-temperature cold rooms to preserve fresh products and products waiting to be processed.

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Romagna - Gruppo Brunelli


Romagna: a land with a strong spirit

Numbers may give a clear picture of our business, but one core strand of our DNA cannot be measured: the spirit of Romagna, the land in which we live and work.

We want to embody Romagna’s natural conviviality, its enthusiastic dedication, its love of good and authentic things, and the colours of a land that is bursting with intense flavours.

From sowing to harvesting, we are rooted in our land.

By channelling this spirit, we are able to look to the future with complete devotion to our commitments: first and foremost, we are committed towards our staff, because none of the group’s achievements or results would have been possible without them; we are committed to customers, because they always repay us with their trust; and we are committed to our end consumers, because we have a responsibility to rebuild people’s trust in food as a source of health and nourishment.

Our DNA is also intertwined with another three-letter acronym: QMS, Quality Management System. However, no system can encapsulate our spirit and our roots in the land.