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The Brunelli Group in 2024: evolution, investments and international markets

Il 2024 di Gruppo Brunelli

2024 will mark a turning point for the Brunelli Group: our company has already embarked on a major transition path, growing from family management and a sole shareholder to a more structured internal management system, deploying people with specific skills to optimise the work processes.

This new business model has a particular focus on production, the cornerstone of our entire business: we are investing significant resources in machinery, especially for our own farm. To maintain and strengthen our production processes, we are planning to supply the farm with equipment that allows us to harvest directly in the fields, which in turn will streamline the logistics.

In terms of commercial activities, we are planning to expand our exhibition space at the next Macfrut trade fair in Rimini 2024 to celebrate our 40th birthday in style and welcome everyone who wants to mark the occasion.

At the same time, we are considering participating in a major international trade fair, which would offer us access to a range of opportunities in a relatively untapped market that could represent the next step on our path.