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The Brunelli Group at Macfrut 2023: major developments and new opportunities

Macfrut 2023 - Gruppo Brunelli

The Brunelli Group participated as an exhibitor at the last Macfrut trade fair in Rimini from 3 to 5 May 2023.

“The event was an extremely positive experience,” explained Matteo Brunelli. “Macfrut has established itself as a meeting point for the entire the fruit and vegetable sector once again, with attendance back at pre-Covid levels.”

“For our company specifically, the trade fair was a great opportunity to strengthen our commercial relationships with our partner producers, and also to evaluate new business opportunities through meetings with operators in retail and large-scale distribution, but also in new sectors such as hospitality and mass catering.”

Brunelli continued: “In the field of large-scale distribution, we have recently been witnessing a significant evolution in terms of purchasing choices, with a trend towards direct negotiation with production companies. At Brunelli, we are already in line with this trend thanks to our strong relationships within our consortium (which brings together producers from all over Italy), and thanks to our direct investments in rural production. In fact, the farm that bears my name is looking to the future by experimenting with zero-residue techniques.”

These positive results have laid a strong foundation, allowing us to build on forty years of entrepreneurial history.