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Our products: fresh, authentic and closely checked

The fresh vegetables harvested in our fields are grown, sold and delivered directly by us or our partner couriers in refrigerated vehicles.

They are mainly distributed via large-scale distribution channels and to processing companies, always working within the cold chain to ensure the highest possible level of integrity and freshness.

Thanks to our consortium, the vegetables grown on our farms reflect Italy’s true potential 365 days a year.

The varieties linked to a particular area are grown by local member companies, guaranteeing the quality and flavour of products cultivated and harvested in their natural habitat, in addition to ensuring the necessary continuity for the world of modern food distribution.

All member companies within the Brunelli Group must carry out checks and inspections at all stages of processing, from sowing to harvesting through to transport to our processing and storage site.

Every year, we are committed to improving the production sites and cultivating new varieties in order to expand the diverse range on offer.
For each established crop, a portion of land is dedicated to planting new vegetables: at harvest time, we evaluate the yield to decide whether to introduce the crop on a long-term basis.

Semi-finished products: convenience meets authentic flavours

The Brunelli Group’s production line for semi-finished products focuses primarily on red, yellow and green peppers.

The freshly picked whole peppers are individually processed by specific machines, which wash then cut each pepper.

Some of the main Italian processing companies rely on the Brunelli Group to provide fresh, authentic and closely checked vegetables in order to offer their customers healthy and tasty options.