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Cichorium Intybus


According to scholars, radicchio is derived from red-leafed endives that were introduced to Europe around the 15th century and spread throughout the Veneto region in the following century.


Product types

Round red radicchio



Packaged according to a minimum weight


Radicchio di Chioggia PGI has a very closed and compact rounded head that weighs between 200 and 600 g. For the Early variety, the leaf colour varies from crimson to reddish purple, while the leaves of the Late variety are deep reddish purple. Radicchio is a much loved vegetable, which is typically used to enrich and add flavour to salads, although it is actually a very versatile product: it can be roasted or used to prepare delicious risottos and first courses, as well as meat rolls and other main courses. Furthermore, there are many different types of radicchio. One of the best known, most widespread and most popular is definitely round red radicchio, which is both tasty and healthy, as it is low in calories but rich in nutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts.




Radicchio is renowned for its purifying properties thanks to its high water content, which can be very beneficial for diners with digestive difficulties. Its fibres retain sugars, which is why it is suitable for people with type 2 diabetes. Red radicchio can be used raw to add colour and flavour, or perhaps cooked as a topping for risotto. It is set apart by its pungent and bitter taste, which can be somewhat divisive. The bitterest parts are the central rib and the white veins, so you can choose to cut them out and consume only the tips of the leaves. But the real secret to reducing bitterness is to leave the radicchio to soak in cold water with a little vinegar or lemon for a few hours, or in boiling water for a few minutes before cooking.

Nutritional values


94 g


1.6 g


1.4 g


1.6 g


0.1 g


3 g


0 mg


10 mg


Radicchio rolls

Radicchio rolls are an easy and tasty main course to serve for a family lunch or an informal dinner with friends.

The radicchio leaves are blanched in water, stuffed with a soft filling made from boiled potatoes and fontina cheese, then wrapped into a roll, topped with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan and baked in the oven. Their soft and cheesy filling is sure to win over grown-ups and little ones alike.

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