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Lettuce is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Its history is a little mysterious, but it is thought to have originated in Siberia, or possibly in the East.


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Lettuce is an angiosperm and dicotyledonous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is typically consumed in salads, often as the main ingredient. Lettuce is a biennial species: it forms a rosette in the first year, then a floral spike in the second. The root system is made up of a short taproot and thin and fleshy surface roots. The basal leaves grow in various shapes – oval and elongated – and are green or reddish in colour; they form a ball or "head", which may be compact or somewhat open.


Veneto/Campania/Lazio/PugliaEmilia RomagnaVeneto/Campania/Lazio/Puglia
Veneto/Campania/Lazio/PugliaEmilia RomagnaVeneto/Campania/Lazio/Puglia
Campania/Lazio/PugliaEmilia RomagnaCampania/Lazio/Puglia


Lettuce is extremely beneficial for the digestive system, as its fibre content is very easy to digest and its prebiotic action reduces the production of intestinal gas. It also contains vitamins and mineral salts, which help to keep the whole body functioning properly. In Ancient Egypt, Lettuce was a symbol of fertility, and Augustus Caesar apparently built a statue to lettuce, as he claimed that this leafy vegetable had helped him overcome a serious illness. Botanically speaking, lettuce is closely related to chrysanthemums, zinnias, sunflowers and dahlias (Asteraceae family).

Nutritional values


94.3 g


2 g


1.8 g

Soluble sugars

2 g


0.4 g


1.5 g


0 mg


9 mg


Sautéed lettuce

Sautéed lettuce is a light and appetising side dish that is sure to win everyone over. It is also a great alternative to enjoy lettuce outside of a classic cold salad. The recipe is also extremely quick and easy to prepare: simply season the lettuce and sauté it in a pan without boiling it.

Thanks to its porous texture, lettuce is an ideal choice to absorb the flavours during cooking. With its soft yet slightly crunchy texture and tangy flavour, sautéed lettuce is a fantastic side dish for any occasion.

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