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Catalogna chicory

Cichorium Intybus L., 1753


Common chicory (scientific name Cichorium intybus L., 1753) is a dicotyledonous angiosperm plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Specifically, Catalogna chicory is named for its native land, the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain.

Catalogna chicory

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Catalogna chicory



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Celery (Apium graveolens) is a plant with sturdy, grooved stems and branches, which grows from 30 to 90 cm tall depending on the variety. Its pinnate leaves are intense shade of green with an aromatic smell and flavour due to sedanolide.


Catalogna chicory
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Chicory originated in Greece, like olive trees, broad beans and many other popular plants. The ancients called it “kichora” and consumed it as both a food and a medicine. In fact, the Greek doctor Dioscorides recommended it as an early digestive aid and Pliny the Elder extolled its refreshing virtues. Long renowned for its supposed magical properties in Northern Europe, chicory became popular in the kitchen in the 17th century, when the first cultivated varieties, including Catalogna chicory, also arrived in the Italian countryside. Known as the shepherd’s clock, because its flowers close at around 4 pm (milking time in the high mountains), today it is used in cosmetics as well as in the kitchen, where it has proved extremely versatile: from soups to side dishes, and from delicious appetisers to traditional recipes, such as Apulian broad bean purée, where it acts as a flavour booster.

Nutritional values


93.4 g


0 g

Vitamin B1



0.7 g

Total fibre

3.6 mg

Vitamin B2



0.7 g


0.7 mg

Vitamin B3



1.4 g


74 mg

Vitamin A

219 mg


0.2 g


31 mg

Vitamin C

17 mg


Focaccia with catalogna chicory

Focaccia with Catalogna chicory is a very flavourful and rich rustic dish. A soft and beautifully leavened shell of pizza dough holds the delicious and cheesy filling. Catalogna chicory, which has a slightly bitter aftertaste, is blanched in water, sautéed in a pan with cherry tomatoes, oil, garlic and chilli pepper, then combined with sliced provola cheese for an irresistible result. This versatile recipe can be adapted according to the ingredients you have on hand: perfect to enjoy warm for an apéritif with friends, a trip out of town, or a lunch in the park.

Find out how by following our step-by-step recipe.

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