Yellow Potatoes


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It is a tuber of the Solanaceae family and needs a mild climate. It is one of the most important vegetables among those grown in horticulture.


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    It is a biennial herbaceous plant, up to 100cm tall, with a green stem belonging to the Apiaceae family, it is also one of the most common vegetables.

    Tomato Cluster

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    It is part of the Solanaceae family, it is an annual plant. Its berries, with their characteristic red color, are widely used in the food sector in many countries of the world.

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    The aubergine is an erect herbaceous plant that can reach a height of just over a meter. It has large and solitary flowers of purple or white color. The fruits are large, elongated or round berries depending on the variety with the color tending to black.

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    It is an Italian fruit and vegetable product coming from the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa. In certain areas of Italy the vegetable is also known as the pendolino.