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Matteo Brunelli is the new president of Confagricoltura Cesena

Changes at the top in the Cesena district of Confagricoltura. President Marcello Filippi resigned and Matteo Brunelli was elected in his place, assuming Confagricoltura’s interprovincial vice-presidency for Forlì-Cesena and Rimini.

Filippi will remain on both the district and interprovincial councils, continuing to channel his extensive experience into the organisation.

“This generational change is a step towards the future,” commented Marcello Filippi. “I am sure that Brunelli will do a very good job. He leads an important company, which is embarking on further development projects: his ideas and his energy will be great assets for Confagricoltura.”

“I would like to thank Marcello Filippi, the interprovincial president Carlo Carli, and all the councillors for their trust,” added Matteo Brunelli. “2022 was a very difficult year for the primary sector, and the new year will also bring difficulties to face and overcome: in this context, Confagricoltura exists to serve its members, to protect businesses, and to support them on a path of growth and development.”

“It is essential that we establish a different relationship with the companies that distribute our products, moving from basic supply relationships to true partnerships,” explained Brunelli. “In this area, water reserves for irrigation represent a pressing issue. This topic is also particularly sensitive in light of the effects of climate change on agricultural production. Last summer in the Cesena valleys, we also had to deal with grasshoppers: insects pose a major problem, and farmers have fewer and fewer weapons in their arsenal.”

“Finally, our companies also feel strongly about major national issues, from our country’s burdensome bureaucracy to the now chronic shortage of manpower, and Confagricoltura is working on every level to tackle these concerns,” Brunelli concluded.