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The Matteo Brunelli Farm

The Matteo Brunelli Farm is a fundamental component of the Brunelli Group, ensuring the most direct control possible over the entire production chain.

In just over twenty years, the farm has grown strong roots in the area, establishing itself as a benchmark for high-quality vegetables.

The Matteo Brunelli Farm is known as an extremely dynamic and innovative production site, which applies “integrated pest management” techniques to protect the crops and drastically reduce the use of pesticides.

This is the farming of the future: new crops based on zero-residue techniques and a production philosophy that offers end consumers the authentic and high-quality products they are seeking.

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Constant production

Our goals

  • 2001: the Matteo Brunelli Farm was born from a specific objective: to grow high-quality vegetables. It started with a cultivated area of 12 hectares, all managed as open fields.
  • 2007: the farm saw major investments, with the purchase of the first lot of land entirely dedicated to growing lettuce in greenhouses for the winter period, covering an area of three hectares. The farm established a continuous supply system.
  • 2013: a second three-hectare plot of land was purchased to grow lettuce in the winter.
  • 2023: today, the farm’s production activities span a total area of 85 hectares , made up almost entirely of open fields between four production sites in the Cesena, Cesenatico, Gambettola and San Mauro Pascoli areas, in addition to the six hectares dedicated to greenhouse production in the Cesena area. The land is flanked by covered facilities representing a total area of 1000 square metres.

Our products

Quality specialists

  • Lettuce (Iceberg, Gentilina, Trocadero and Romaine): 80% of the total production
  • Green beans, chicory and celery: 20% of the total production

Green beans, chicory and celery 20%

Lettuce 80%

The certifications held by the Matteo Brunelli Farm