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From large-scale distribution to retail: freshness all year round

Thanks to our strong and long-term partnerships with the best farms in the country, our fruit and vegetables are available 365 days a year.

They are sold and delivered following an internal process that allows us to guarantee fresh goods and timely deliveries.

We distribute our loose and semi-finished fruit and vegetables through two main channels: large-scale distribution and processing companies.

Large-scale distribution partnerships

We have long-term partnerships with several of the most important brands in Italy, which we have fostered over the course of many years. 80% of our production is therefore destined for sale in large distribution chains, where the vegetables produced by our consortium companies are typically sold loose or packaged.

Grande distribuzione - Gruppo Brunelli
Aziende trasformazione - Gruppo Brunelli

Processing companies: distribution to the food industry

The food industry represents another very important distribution channel for the Brunelli Group, as the quality of the vegetables we produce has been recognised by numerous major Italian players who choose the quality and taste of our semi-finished products to enrich their range.

The future of the Brunelli Group: our latest projects

In the world of large-scale distribution, the Brunelli Group is planning to expand into specific foreign markets, with a particular focus on German-speaking countries. This venture should be carried out in parallel with the consolidation of the core distribution network within Italy.

Furthermore, we are evaluating new distribution channels by way of a thorough feasibility study, as we recognise that our high-quality products and constantly expanding range are valuable assets for new and profitable collaborations.

The entire Brunelli Group is united by a shared dynamism and desire for growth, and each member is always ready to embrace new and exciting challenges. All to be won.