Group strength: yesterday, today and tomorrow

We were born in 1983 from a land of a few hectares, already worked with great commitment by Daniele Brunelli, the founder of the group and current president of the consortium (which today brings together the best farms in Emilia Romagna and the entire national territory).

Since then we cultivate fruit and vegetables that we sell and distribute to our customers directly, because we chose to have the responsibility of our work throughout all the production process until delivery.

We could say that we are a fruit and vegetable wholesaler but it would be true in part.

We could say that we are a consortium of agricultural companies but this would be true only in part as well.

We could say that we deliver fruit and vegetables to GDO, HoreCa and Detail but also in this case we would not be complete.

Persona che passa cassetta di insalata su rullo

In fact, our business includes cultivation, processing and marketing – delivery included – of fresh and semi-processed fruit and vegetable products.

From the beginning to the present the cultivated area has reached 1000 hectares and the company has become a group made of reality with the same vocation for quality, also close to the values to which they have chosen to impress their production.

A group supported by the strength of the parties, and by the sharing of principles, ideas, resources and objectives that have allowed to carry out common strategies and always rewarding.

We measure the results in the 150000 quintals of annual production, in the 3 processing factories, in the 10000 square meters of covered area and in the 2000 square meters of cold storage with low temperature for the preservation of our fresh products that need to be transformed.

The spirit of a land: who are we in the DNA

These numbers talk about us telling our present in a precise way, but what more than anything else defines who we are today is something unmeasurable yet absolutely present in our DNA: it is the spirit of the earth where we live and work, is the spirit of Romagna.

We are the innate conviviality, we are the commitment driven by enthusiasm, we are the inalienable taste for good and genuine things, we are the full colours of an authentic land that offers generous, intense and true flavours.

From sowing to harvest, we are our land. And with this spirit we are going to meet the future with the aim of never failing the commitment we want to keep…

…towards our staff, because it is thanks to each of the people who work for the our group that we can count on the results we achieved, first of all towards our staff,

towards our customers, because the confirmation of their trust repays us the commitment that the work requires;

towards final consumers, because we feel responsible for giving back people the right to trust the food they eat, as a genuine source of healthy and precious nourishment.

Azienda Agricola Brunelli

We could tell it with an acronym SGQ (Quality Management System) but that spirit that animates us and that has its roots in the land we cultivate would be lacking.