From large-scale distribution to retail: freshness 365 days a year.

Thanks to the long-standing partnership with the best farms in the country, our fruit and vegetables are available 365 days a year and are marketed and delivered according to a process that we manage internally and which guarantees us to always be synonymous of goods freshness and punctual delivery.

There are 4 channels through which we distribute our fruits and vegetables (loose or semi-finished):
GDO, HoReCa, Processing Companies, Traditional Retail


80% of our production goes to sales in large retail chains, where fruit and the vegetables produced by our consortiums are mainly sold loose, or packaged under our own brand Il Mio Orto.

Logo il mio orto


The second distribution channel of our fruit and vegetables is HoReCa. Every day restaurants, hotels and cafes are supplied by our vehicles with fresh goods of the day, which we deliver directly and according to the specific requests of each customer.

Processing Companies

The quality of fruit and vegetables we produce is also recognized by the most important national processing companies that choose the quality and taste of our semi-finished products to enrich their own offer on the market

Persona che mostra un piatto di insalata
Brutto di carne di pollo e verdure

Traditional retail

Our fruit and vegetable production can also be purchased within the our 12,000 square meter factory, where there is a space dedicated to the direct sale of fresh fruit and vegetables we produce.

Vendita ortofrutta Cesena
Negozio frutta e verdura Cesena